Galería Estudio es el lugar indicado para desarrollar tus proyectos audiovisuales
y de post-producción de audio.
Somos un staff de trabajo con mas de 150 voces a tu disposición y con una larga trayectoria en formación de nuevos talentos, a través de un curso continuo de doblaje, con el fin de ofrecer una amplia variedad de matices en voces al momento de la post-produción de tus proyectos. Con mas de diez años en el mercado, nuestros principales clientes han sido: Fox Latinoamérica, Fox Argentina, Fox Atlanta, NatGeo, NatGeo Wild, Discovery, Movie City, CineCanal y diversas productoras Europeas.
Nos posicionamos en el mercado como una empresa comprometida con un equipo de trabajo consolidado y un estudio, de una infraestructura que permite un ambiente laboral confortable, y un producto con altos estándares de calidad.



Gallery Studio is the right place to develop your audiovisual projects and audio post-production. We are working with a staff of more than 150 voices at your disposal and with a long experience in training new
talents, through a continuous course of dubbing, in order to offer a wide variety of shades of vocals in the time of post-production methods of your project.
With more than ten years in the market, our main customers are: Fox Latin America, Fox Argentina, Fox Atlanta, NatGeo, Nat Geo Wild, Discovery, Movie City, Cinecanal and various European producers.
We position ourselves in the market as a company committed to a team consolidated and a study of an infrastructure that allows a work environment comfortable, and a product with high quality standards.

Client Reviews

They put our band on the map. Before they opened, we couldn’t find a recording studio that was willing to take a chance on our songs, but they were confident that we could succeed.


Rob Kent

Lead vocalist for Djenn


While on tour in the States, we received an invitation to record a song for free with the, and absolutely fell in love with the studio. We ended up recording our entire new album there.


Brigit O’Neill

Lead singer for Mecha Republic


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We work with bands and musicians who seek to play abroad, finding them venues in foreign cities or on cruises.


For Fans

We let you book a vacation alongside one of hundreds of popular musicians.



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Whether music is your career or your hobby, there’s no better supply shop than us.


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